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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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to business and jobs and financial needs of the city. we have gone through some bad times in the last few years. not only -- local constituents who will need the jobs this project is going to help create. i just wanted to put that out there. i also feel that -- i do not know if you are discussing st. luke's today, but that prompted seems a bit small for the area. -- but that project seems a bit small for the area. thank you is very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners.
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i am web self help for the elderly. we serve close to about 35,000. a lot of our seniors live in the southeast quarter, they need to use st. luke's hospital. i am happy to hear that there is an agreement that is acceptable by both the mayor's office -- it is a compromise that we should support so that the project can finally proceed. i think the work force, one of the provisions to provide a $2 million for the work force is very important to create jobs and improve the economy.
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self-help runs the china stop one-stop. we see hundreds of job-seekers that have very little english speaking capability. they still need jobs. i am excited to be involved in that workforce condition that will help create a lot of these job training staff and employment opportunities. we urge you to support the project so that we will see both hospitals in a relatively short period of time. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, mr. president. commissioners. my name is thomas simpson. i am the artistic director of an arts organization. a big part of our mission is to use the arts to focus on issues that are important to our
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community. specifically the african- american community in terms of health because of the disparity of health in our community. we serve everyone who comes. as part of what we do in terms of serving the community, we have a major health care each year. we partner up with a group called magic, up where we see close to 1500 people in the western addition primarily. our goal for doing this is that a lot of the people in our community do not often go to the doctor unless there is an emergency or something significant happens. our goal in having these health affairs is to provide access, information, and screening for people while there is not a crisis going on so when a crisis occurs, people feel much more comfortable and know what to do.
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one of the first medical organizations that helped sponsor us was cpmc. they have been one of our major partners. i support the rebuild. i urge you to do so with all due haste thank you. >> good afternoon. i represented apa families support services. a nonprofit his mission is to prevent and of victims of child abuse and domestic violence. we serve 5000 clients annually, many of whom are children. most of our young children were born at cpmc. there is no waiting list for
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culturally competent care. we're proud partners, we plan events together, we host programs, and we truly believe that this hospital will be a much-needed catalyst for change and rejuvenation in the tenderloin community. on behalf of my 5000 clients, i encourage you and urge you to move forward in building this hospital. thank you. >> hello. i'm the director of development for asian pacific wellness center. i am here on behalf of our director, who cannot be here. we exist to improve the health and quality of life of the lgbt community. i am here to support the rebuild.
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for the partnership -- for the partnership, and it's enabled us to expand our services in the tenderloin. one year ago, we opened a free medical clinic. cpmc has worked with us in this effort. the focus on the health care it needs of individuals. this is grounded in mutual belief that this takes a partnership between large institutions and smaller community-based organizations to meet the needs and our community. i greatly appreciate their efforts to work with us. they're not only a funder, but a partner. we're working together to create a more seamless system of care.
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the proposed location will allow for easier access for many of our patients as well as providing more accessible health care options. thank you very much. >> [calling names] >> thank you. i am the executive director of compassionate care. i am here to urge you to support the rebuild. for 25 years, it has been serving as a hospice, providing
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end of life care and medical respite care 24 hours a day and are 15-room facility to low andincome san franciscans with aids. what you may not know is that cpmc has been a longtime supporter of. going back a least 15 years. in the mid-1990's, we purchase the building we are currently in from california pacific medical center. distill that property was made to us at less than half -- the sale of that property was made to us at less than half of the appraised value. roughly 10% of san franciscans
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who die of aids to do so in our facilities. i have also participated as a neighbor in the outreach that they did. i have seen the accommodations they have made in the areas of pedestrian safety. i want to urge you to vote yes on the rebuild of cpmc. thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am a 43-year member of the local 22, the carpenters union. i live here in san francisco. i own property here. full coverage appears to be here
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to stay regardless of what the supreme court might decide for people in san francisco. these facilities are needed. in earthquake country, earthquakes won't wait and the upgrades are needed. also, we need the work. we lost over a quarter of our members and local 22 since 2008. we need to put these people back to work. many of them come from the bayview and a third from the mission. they would be put back to work and additional apprentices trained. i ask you to please move this ahead. when these people are reemployed, under our labor agreement, they will be privately in short to the labor plans, which will take some stress of the city. last, but not least, we do not mean to be in a fight with the
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california nurses association. my wife is a retired member of it. we do not want their organizing drive to hold up getting this >> hello, president fong, and commissioners. i worked at st. luke's campus. i had been an employee at st. luke's for 22 years. working in the operating room. i would like to ask that you keep st. luke's open, rebuild it, it is very important for our patients and employees. i urge you to keep it open, thank you.
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>> hello, planning commission. my name is david harrington and i am affiliated with the mission hiring. we are all for development, about what to also focus on the future as far as architectural quality. we are seeing the trend is accelerating. what i call glassification. i have been attempting to get the attention of the planning department on this matter. without too much success. we will be pleased to work with the commission and the planning department the preliminary project a suspect or we can provide some input on the aesthetical issues.
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we are witnessing the general decline. we have been witnessing that since the early 2000's and before. i have been following these matters for over 30 years as a resident of the city. we would like to provide them on a volunteer basis, of course. we would like to provide some input, some insight that i have. you might recognize this project. are you able to borrow this? i would be happy to let you review this. this is what i call the affordable architecture. this is an excellent project. 2001 at church street, specifically.
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this is in subsidized housing. we would like to see more of this. here is another shot. we would like to see more of this in this city. >> thank you very much, your time has expired. >> thank you. [calling names] >> thank you, president fong, and commissioners. i am a medical director from any medical services. we wholeheartedly support cpmc rebuilds. we are a community health center. close to 60% of our patients are low income, uninsured, and have
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minimal english proficiency. cpmc has been a good neighbor and friend to our patience. cpmc has collaborated with many projects throughout the last 14 years. our patients have received generous charity care from this partnership. cpmc provided specialty services and hospital care to 25,000 of our patients, half of which are in the health the san francisco program. close to 100 of our patients receive free eye surgery annually. approximately 500 of our newborns are born at cpmc annually. more recently, one of my patience received emergency lifesaving surgery to repair his
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aortic by section. he had a tear in his major artery. thank you ts to cpmc care, my patient is alive. rebuilding cpmc would bring a world class institution even closer to our community. on behalf -- the offer our whole support for the rebuild. thank you. much. -- thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am president and ceo of operation access. it is a san francisco-based nonprofit. i support rebuilding cpmc. we were founded in 1993 by two surgeons to improve access to surgical and specialty care for low-income and uninsured people
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in the bay area. we are provided free care, done a good care to over 8000 area residents. -- donated care to over 8000 area residents. cpmc has provided 500 surgical procedures. cpmc benefits the communities in many ways, as you have for about. at the core, it is a relationship between a patient and a provider. i want to use my last minute to end with a very specific example that highlights cpmc's commitment to a vulnerable people. i will be reading excerpts from a letter received from an operation access patient winds to a cpmc surgeon. -- written to a cpmc surgeon. "after my wife was killed a few years ago, i quit my job as a
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helicopter pilot. trying to pay the mortgage, save our home, i could only find part-time work. " he lost his insurance, he became unemployed, and he lost his house. he had to live in a hotel and he could not qualify for healthy san francisco. "you offered me hope. without your selfless contribution, i would be unemployed and angry. from the bottom of my heart, i thank you." >> thank you. >> hello. i am the executive director of the west bay filipino center. i am not being funded by cpmc.
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however, i was compelled to come here because in 2010, our city last 10% of our filipino population to the economic downturn. i urge you to hasten the approval process so that construction can take place. thank you very much. >> ted fang, peter gilkskin, jeffry garner. >> good afternoon. i want to thank president fong and the entire board for allowing me to speak.
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we are certified company in the city and county of san francisco's district 10. we will be hiring from just about all of our citiey's community-based programs. this project will help small businesses that are certified, who will then hire san francisco residence. these employees will then spend their money and support other the san francisco local businesses. they will also pay san francisco city business taxes. the employees will pay local
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taxes and patronize these local businesses. i would like to see the cpmc project start asap to of the revitalization process of the city and county of san francisco. i encourage the board to say yes to these projects because, as a resident and business owner, i say yes and my company strongly supports the for progress of all of the cpmc projects in the city and county of san francisco. thank you very much. >> thank you. [calling names]
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>> hello. >> can you speak right into the microphone? >> ok. hello. thank you for having me here today. i am a nurse at cpmc and i've had the privilege of working for two different campuses. on behalf of the nurses, we support the rebuilding of cpmc because we need this space. on my units alone, we have very few private rooms. most of our patients share a room. as you can imagine, if we have two patients with big families, we are doubled in one room
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together. there are times that we're bumping each other. at st. luke's right now, we need a new building because the building is old. i got stuseveral times already. it would be really good for our patients to have their own rooms and a better facility, a state of the arts equipment'. thank you so much for having me. >> thank you. >> thank you. i am and then turn and i support -- an intern and i support the
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rebuilding of cpmc. due to the economic crunch, i had been unemployed. a diagnosis of cancer has made matters even worse for me. fortunately, i found mission hiring hall, who encouraged me to enroll in the construction administration training program. the active participation from the volunteers in this program has greatly contributed in preparing me for employment in the construction industry. presently, i have my health back. i am interning with paiy, and my only hope to be permanently employed in this industry is when the rebuild cpmc project is implemented. i need a job. i do not want to be a problem to the city. i want to be a solution.
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thank you. >> thank you. [calling names] >> good afternoon. thank you, commissioners. we are supporting the rebuilding of cpmc. i know the commissioners are looking at a myriad of factors. i would like to focus my comments on two important facets of the project. local contacting and local hiring opportunities.
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my firm is the administrator for the city's contractor bonding assistance program implemented 15 years ago. i am also an active member of the coalition for economic equity and established policy adviser to the city and counter. in all these capacities, our firm advocates and work to increase inclusion of the city's small local minority and women owned businesses. by extension, local hire objectives from the most disenfranchised communities. we've been able to discern that cpmc has adopted concepts and strategies designed to maximize their successful participation in the project.
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they creatively identified pathways for participation. a small minority on the janitorial company, engage them on some existing work so they could assist the firm in stabilizing their business while building their capacity so that they're better prepared to participate on cpmc rebuild project. our personal experience, cpmc will dramatically reduce the barriers of insurance. i would just like to encourage your support for the project. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. i live in san francisco and i support the rebuilding of cpmc. i am 27 years old and i
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emigrated to san francisco at four years ago. i had a dream to study engineering. my dream has become a reality. i graduated from san francisco state university. if the project is approved, i hope to get a full-time position. as a resident, i support cpmc because it will bring in revenue to the city and create jobs that we really need. i do not want to join their ranks of unemployed recent graduates. i want to contribute in this project so i will always so proud of myself for being part of one of the most significant construction projects in the city. i know this project is very related to politics. how many real lives of real people is the hospital
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associated with it? this is my future, i want to share this future with thousands of patients who will need this help one day. give me an opportunity to live my dream. thank you. >> [calling names] >> good afternoon'm the executif apa family support services. organization has been around for almost 25 years. through our partners, -- cpmc